Agenda: Discussing the Impact of COVID-19 on Labour Markets


“The depression was a result of an ignored recession and that future generations ought not forget.”


With the spread of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Labour Markets have borne continual shockwaves. Increasing caution and public health guidelines have made day-to-day jobs and chores progressively difficult. There have been monumental changes in the global employment trends cutting across not only industries, but also countries. The future trajectory of the pandemic will be decisive for the revival of the labour market.

Is increasing government intervention going to catalyse the journey to a pre-COVID labour market or act as a deterrent to market forces stabilising with due time? How will the policy makers of today ensure that the latter is avoided as they navigate through the intricacies of the micro and macro-economic aspects as well as the social implications of the pandemic.

Presenting to you, the United Nations Economic and Social Council!

The Executive Board

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Sarah Jose


When it comes to this Executive Board member you might find yourself confused as to what you admire more about her -- the immense talent and expertise she possesses or her ability to make any individual feel at ease in her presence. A   versatile delegate, known for her humanitarian approach, Sarah has garnered placements from various prestigious conferences such as Harvard MUN India, SJBHS MUN and CoMUN.


Besides MUNs, Sarah enjoys singing and musical theatre, and delegates rest assured that slipping Hamilton references are sure to work in your favour. As a member of the executive board she encourages active listening and well researched debate.

Vidhi Tonk


"Not every power brings change, but change does give and prove the power of one-self"

Vidhi Tonk may be a humble, friendly, and humorous individual unless you criticize one of her favourite Bollywood movies. Vidhi often deals with the most pressurising circumstance in a calm and composed manner and this state of mind of hers has always been beneficial at MUNs as she would respond in her attitude with a pinch of witty humour yet diplomatic demeanour. In the short while she was in the circuit, she has won awards at various conferences such as KMUN, NHMUN, COMUN, to name a few. She has been a part of the Executive board on different occasions as well. With an apropos interest in Humanitarian and Economic committees, she’s the perfect fit for the ECOSOC.

Nikita Aphale

Assistant Director

A familiar name in the Bangalore MUN circuit, Nikita Aphale has garnered multiple placements at prestigious MUN’s all the way from BMUN, TISBMUN and KMUN, to receiving the Best Delegate award at HMUN India. Her extensive knowledge on economics and finance makes her the ideal choice for this committee. Her repertoire of discerning solutions and masterful speeches make her the ideal diplomat, but what truly sets her apart is her documentation where the sheer level of detail is sure to leave you spellbound.

Outside of MUNs you’ll probably find her trading the markets or on an off-trail adventure.