The Midnight Crisis Committee

Agenda: Surprise

"The future is uncertain but the end is always near.”

- Jim Morrison

The alternative to a world of well-defined nations is not a world of engaged global citizens working for the common good, but a world of isolated individuals and small groups, ruled at best by the elite and at worst by authoritarians. Hold a position of mystique underground power, be a part of the elite. Here's a call for those who can save the world.


Note: The committee session will begin on the night of the 2nd of October. The schedule is below. The agenda and all other information will be provided a few hours before the session.

The Executive Board


Riddhi Juyal


Advaith Anand


Calvert Nazareth


“The tiger and lion may be powerful, but the wolf never performs at the circus.”

The first two things that strike you when you meet Calvert are his confidence and his witty and extremely unique sense of humour. These very characteristics, combined with his artful speeches and scrupulous research, are what allow him to light up every committee he sets foot in. With this expertise, he has garnered awards across conferences like KMUN and CAMMUN, and has even won the Best Delegate award for the Security Council at Harvard MUN India. Calvert has served on the Executive Board of multiple conferences before as well.

Apart from MUNning and debates, Calvert is an athlete and an avid fan of wrestling, with an obsession for murder mysteries... who better to keep the Midnight Crisis Committee interesting through the night?

Lokanshu Malur


Vriti Singhvee