The Futuristic Security Council

Agenda: The Sino-Indian Dispute, 2025


What will happen when a few of the world’s most powerful nations come under the same roof to spare themselves from what might be the deadliest strife mankind has ever seen? 


The year’s 2025 and with an increase in economic developments, technological advancements, military alliances, etc., Giants of the Asian continent are in disagreement over a region that both have been challenging for a long time. This has led to the worst conflict between the giants since the 2020 ‘cold war’. From soldiers of both sides squaring off along rugged cliffs that are tall over the Galwan Valley, battling in pitched hand-to-hand fights, to nuclear powers around the world partnering one of the two states that are involved and increasing the turmoil that the conflict has already caused. All this has driven to the Apex of the UN being on the verge of breakdown. Foreign belligerents now have to choose between the Red Dragon and the Golden Bird. So who will rise to lead the world to peace or let it plummet into ashes?


Presenting to you, the Futuristic Security Council, 2025.

The Executive Board


Akash Das

Assistant Director

An avid speaker with a sharp wit, this oratory prodigy shall leave you gobsmacked with his experience and critical eye. Renowned within the circuit for his formal but firm lobbying and blue sky ideas when it comes to directives, this old-hand shall beguile you with his overall calibre. He has secured numerous accolades in versatile committees at MUNs such as HMUN India, COMUN, TISBMUN, BMUN, CHSMUN, and NHMUN to name a few.


Apart from MUNs, Akash is a passionate footballer, contributor to blog posts, beatboxer and worships the words “Glory Glory Manchester United”.

Anmol Betala


“You can overcome anything, if and only if you love it enough.”
Lionel Andres Messi

This executive board member holds the rare distinction of receiving the best delegate award at the security council of HMUN, not once but twice in row, while leading his college delegation to win the Best delegation award at HMUN India, 2019. His experience and achievements as a delegate have built him a reputation that many can only aspire to match. It’s best not to make any assumptions based on his cool and composed exterior, because his strategic and creative directives are sure to leave the committee awe-struck. As an executive board member he values precision. When he isn't attending a conference or  chairing  one you are likely to find him cheering for FC Barcelona or indulging in a Dan Brown book.

Lokanshu Malur

Assistant Director

“I stay high cause the world is so low” - Kid Cudi


Right from shaking the JCC at KMUN by using the Arthashastra in 300 BC and taking over the entirety of China to giving birth to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and KGB in 2029, he has taken the Bangalore Circuit crisis game by a storm. He has attended over 20+ MUNs and he has a plethora of Best Delegate awards, most notable ones at KMUN, SMUN, CANMUN, ICMUN... the list goes on. He has also been the Assistant Director at HMUN India 2020.


Besides Model UNs, he is a state level footballer who dreams of playing professionally, a huge fan of the British Giants Manchester United and an avid speaker of the German language.