The United States Senate

Agenda: Reviewing the Second Amendment and Related Gun Legislation


"With the right to bear arms comes a great responsibility to use caution and common sense on handgun purchases."

-Ronald Reagan


In recent years, June has been marked as the month when orange clad activists and students took to the streets, calling for much needed discourse around gun legislation in the United States. While this years protests may have been obstructed by a global pandemic, several devastating mass shootings, including the latest one at El Paso, Texas, serve as a brutal reminder of the urgency to strike a counterpoise between the right to self defense by owning firearms and the misuse of it.

Presenting to you the US Senate, where you as senators are presented with the opportunity to legislate and take decisions that will shape the future of federal gun policy in the United States. With an exciting agenda, deeply influenced by political ideologies, be prepared to witness intense power play and debate!

The Executive Board

Esha Mehta

Assistant Director

An invaluable member of the Christ Junior College delegation, Esha Mehta stands out in the committee with her excellent lobbying and impactful speeches with a pinch of sass that will leave the committee captivated and spellbound. Having placed at her very first MUN, she has continued to rack awards at several  prestigious conferences like Harvard MUN India, KMUN and SMUN, to name a few. While she isn't MUNning and festing she can be seen dancing to her favourite song or scrolling through travel blogs. As the Assistant Director of US Senate she encourages well researched dialogue and looks forward to witnessing the political powerplay characteristic of the senate.

Joshua Kattapuram


Skilful, strategic and surreal are the words one would use while describing Joshua, unless they've been rendered speechless watching him work his way through a committee. He has an undeniable influence on the atmosphere of any room he walks into. His impeccable research skills combined with his ability to structure arguments in the most persuasive of ways has earned him appreciation and accolades across several conferences including the esteemed HMUN.


Apart from being a riveted MUNner, Joshua is a qualified pianist, and an ardent fan of MARVEL and theoretical physics. Maybe making a couple of marvel references wil work in your favour, just saying.

Vriti Singhvee

Assistant Director

A veteran to the debating and festing circuit of Bangalore, and a relatively new MUNer, Vriti has quickly risen among the ranks. She has placed in every MUN she’s attended, including DIPSMUN, TISBMUN, and SMUN, and has also served as an EB member multiple times.


Vriti claims to be interested in pursuing the law because of her love for it, but secretly just wants to make a living in formals.