The All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda : 

I. Reviewing The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 & the Information Technology Rules, 2021 in light of current events 


II. Assessing the growing problem of drug addiction in Punjab, with special reference to the illegal Indo-Pak border drug trafficking.

"All oppression creates a state of war." -Simone de Beauvoir


The controversial  nature of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is such that whilst it does equip an individual with the Right to privacy,  it also enables the government to process confidential data if required by the State for providing benefits to the individual, which many consider to be too arbitrary of a criteria. Additionally, the Information Technology Rules, 2021 pushed forth by the government in order to adhere to a vastly tighter set of rules within three months raised a wave of  concerns by citizens and journalists alike on whether the rules can be weaponised to stifle down dissent,  freedom of speech or to establish a mechanism to stop hate and anti-nationalism, this committee seeks to discourse the freedom of citizens, with regard to their unsurveilled access to public media and confidential data and what cases precisely authorise the government to intervene to either use that information in good faith or not.


Illegal drug trafficking through the Indo-Pak border has caused a perniciously growing drug menace in Punjab, with the Border Security Force last year making a record 517-kg haul of heroin—the highest seizure in the past five years. The severe gravity of this problem is further reaffirmed by the UNODC reporting a staggering 77% of Punjab's rural population is hooked into drug use. Whilst the pandemic has seen a decline in drug use, the Punjab government still has not passed the Comprehensive Action Against Drug Abuse Act (CADA), a legal framework for treatment and prevention programs. The illicit opium use in Punjab has led to the BSF shooting dead 8 smugglers in 2020, a significant share of the addicted youth being misguided, an immediate need for rehabilitation systems, and a spike in drug-related crimes—all of which warrant the need for urgent national action.

Delegates, presenting to you, the All India Political Parties Meet.

The Executive Board

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Shireen Peter

Deputy Speaker

"Aw, you look malnourished." -Tyler, the Creator.

Ranging from soft-spoken and friendly to assertive and persistent, Shireen Peter attempted Model UNs only this year and in her brief span at the circuit, has come out placing at DIPSMUN,SFSMUN,SMUN and DWMUN.


She believes Model UN has helped her access aspects of her personality she wasn't self-aware of earlier and is glad she took it up as it's better equipped her to comprehend nuances of international conflicts and is very excited to co-lead the AIPPM this year.


When she's not slouching over her laptop, she spends her time reading, securing placements in CJC's internal/external commerce competitions, and would like to pursue economics later on.

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Srijan Vasireddy


If you ever need any clarification on a socio economic concept or have trouble comprehending the Indian political scenario, Srijan Vasireddy is your go-to expert.  

A doyen of economic committees Srijan Vasireddy and alum of christ junior college and a student of Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester is returning to his alma mater to showcase his exceptional leadership and oratory skills.

He has made a name for himself during his time in bangalore circuit by securing best delegate awards in institution such as SFSMUN and many more. Since his move to london he  is  serving as the  Secretary  General  at the University of Manchester . He is also the President of TEDx Manchester and Enactus Manchester, that is one of the largest student led sustainability initiatives in the UK.

He’ll leave you awe-struck with his vast knowledge and his crystal-clear presentation. When he isn’t busy enhancing his knowledge of geo-political and economic affairs, he enjoys watching Suits or indulging in a Jeffrey Archer book. He believes that quick thinking and following one's instinct are just as important as comprehensive research. It's not easy to impress this executive board member, so put your best foot forward, delegates


Dhruthi Kannambadi

Deputy Speaker

"A system cannot fail those it was not made for" 

This belief drives Druthi VK, a light hearted and amicable person who will astound you with her ferocity when given a cause to defend. Poorly framed legislation is no match for this representative with her well versed and succinct speeches. With her entire MUN career having been online, she has managed to win accolades at SLCUMUN, HMUN, several youth parliaments and has also chaired a committee.


Druthi maintains that her forte is Indian Committees and her hours not spent researching or delivering speeches go towards obsessing over Daniel Riccardo and she also CLAIMS to spend her time at the gym .