The All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda: Analysing the Scope for the Implementation of a Uniform Civil Code


“Politics is the art of the possible”

-Otto Van Bismarck


The protection of religious rights has been the basic premise of all legal principles in the Indian judicial system from time immemorial, and the Indian political system is structured around the very idea. All great ideas and principles need to constantly evolve to fit the changing times in order to ensure equality and justice.

A Uniform Civil Code would, in theory, provide equal laws and status to all citizens irrespective of the community to which they belong. It must carve a balance between the protection of fundamental rights and religious dogmas of individuals. It should be a code, which is just and proper according to a man of ordinary prudence, without any bias with regards to religious and political considerations.

But will the adoption of a Uniform Civil Code compromise on the principles of article 25 and 26 of the Indian constitution? How will political institutions achieve the basic ideals of equality and justice for all in such a culturally diverse nation? In the world’s biggest democracy it is the people who hold power and the real question is: will they be ready to accept it?

Delegates, presenting to you, the All India Political Parties Meet.

The Executive Board


Aries Arasar

Deputy Speaker

In my experience there is no such thing as luck.– Obi-Wan Kenobi

Aries is a dexterous diplomat and an aspiring journalist with deep interest in history, his unmistakable presence in any committee may be attributed to his excellent oratory skills and his jocular directives, supplemented by his knowledge of international affairs. Having attended over 17 MUNs with placements in CANMUN, DiPSMUN and BMUN to name a few, he has gained experience in circuits across India including the Jammu, Delhi and Bangalore circuits.

Apart from MUNs, Aries is a writer of 2 splendid novels and a state level chess champion who also has a panache in horse riding.

Srijan Vasireddy


If you ever need any clarification on a socio economic concept or have trouble comprehending the Indian political scenario, Srijan Vasireddy is your go-to expert on these matters. A doyen of economic committees in the present field with placements in various MUNs and many EB positions, he’ll leave you awe-struck with his vast knowledge and his crystal-clear presentation. When he isn’t busy enhancing his knowledge of geo-political and economic affairs, he enjoys watching Suits or indulging in a Jeffrey Archer book. He believes that quick thinking and following one's instinct are just as important as comprehensive research. It's not easy to impress this executive board member, so put your best foot forward, delegates!

Advaith Anand

Deputy Speaker

Calm and witty are the words one would use while describing Advaith's MUNning style.An aspiring lawyer, his sense of approachability and excellent oratory skills have led him to win accolades at Bangalore's biggest MUNs. With placements from KMUN, TISBMUN, SMUN, CANMUN and IVMUN to name a few, this delegate will leave you shocked with his knowledge of international affairs and his calm demeanor. His penchant for MUNs and debates always ensures that he comes out as a winner.

When he isn’t at MUNs and debates you will find him laughing his heart out watching his favourite comedians, John Oliver and Trevor Noah.