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The Secretary General

Calvert Nazareth is a third-year student of law at School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) with a keen interest in international law, criminal law and gender justice. During his time in the Bangalore MUN circuit, he was known for his unmatched diplomacy, warm and kind demeanor and fiery speeches. He has placements at almost every MUN he has been to, including the Best Delegate Award at Harvard Model United Nations 2019. Calvert has also served on a number of Executive Boards. During his free time he likes to read, teach or watch sports.

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Calvert Nazareth

 Secretary General

The Deputy Secretary General

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Nikita Aphale

Deputy Secretary General

Nikita Aphale is not a name new to the Bangalore MUN circuit. From garnering multiple placements at prestigious Bangalore MUNs including BMUN, TISBMUN, and KMUN to name a few, to receiving the Best Delegate award at HMUN India, this delegate’s experience and track record are hard to match. Her repertoire of discerning solutions and masterful speeches makes her the ideal diplomat, but what truly sets her apart is her documentation, where the sheer level of detail is sure to leave you spellbound. A finance enthusiast who is currently pursuing her CFA,  you’ll often find her trading the markets or on an off-trail adventure.

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