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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the principal organs of the United Nations

founded in 1945 under the Charter of the United Nations and plays a critical role in maintaining

international peace and security. The UNSC is responsible for making decisions on issues related to conflicts, threats to international peace, and acts of aggression. Its primary functions include the identification of threats to peace, the recommendation or enforcement of sanctions, the authorization of military interventions, and the establishment of peacekeeping operations. The UNSC holds the power to impose binding resolutions on member states, and its decisions carry significant weight in shaping international responses to various crises and conflicts around the world.


The ongoing border crises in the Indian subcontinent have significant ramifications that extend

beyond regional tensions. The border conflict between India and China along the Line of Actual

Control (LAC) poses a risk of military escalation between two nuclear-armed nations. It has led to sporadic clashes, troop build-ups, and increased militarization, eroding trust and stability in the region. The unresolved border dispute between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir has resulted in a protracted conflict, causing immense human suffering and hindering the development and prosperity of the region. The volatile nature of these border crises heightens the potential for proxy conflicts, arms races, and regional instability, with implications for global security.


Furthermore, the socio-economic costs of maintaining large military forces and fortifications along the disputed borders divert resources away from social welfare and development initiatives, impacting the livelihoods of millions of people. Resolving these border crises is crucial to fostering peace, stability, and cooperation in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.


Given the complexities and potential ramifications of these border crises, it is crucial for the UNSC to engage in discussions and facilitate dialogue between the involved parties.

delegates of the UNSC do you have what it takes to guide these nuclear superpowers to come to a peaceful resolution or will the situation escalate? The Choice is yours.

(Note that this is a semi-crisis, double delegation committee)

The Executive Board


Nandita Dey


"if I'm not allowed to quote Kendrick Lamar , then I don't want to quote anyone"

Adept at being diplomatic, yet assertive, only a few delegates can match her ability to be dominant without being dominating. Her innate affinity for lobbying, coupled with her nuanced understanding of international law and public policy have helped her secure a perfect placement record. Being the former head delegate of the Christ Junior College Delegation she has won laurels delegating at a host of prestigious conferences such as KMUN, CJCMUN, AMUN, GWHMUN, CAMUN including a Best Delegate award at Harvard MUN to name a few. She also has an extensive record of chairing in prestigious conferences such as FISMUN, BJCMUN, SJPUCMUN and CJCMUN 

In addition to her evident obsession with MUNning, she is also an ardent parliamentary debater, track athlete and an aspiring lawyer.


Syed Shahid


My life has a lot of ups and downs , I call them squats 
- Arnold Shivajinagar

Having achieved phenomenal success in a quick succession, Mithun has placements in a variety of prestigious conferences including JGUMUN and BJCMUN as well as victories in various parliamentary debates. A speaker with a thundering voice and a lobbyist with a silver tongue, he is literally Mithun.
When he's not munning, he enjoys gymming, and debating. 

"A good Plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week"
-George S Patton
A creative and avid speaker, Shahid has partook in events across Bangalore. Usually representing middle eastern nations. His careless spirit has been noticed in various presentations, Debates and MUNs. he has recorded placements in various prestigious MUNs such as BJCMUN and CJCMUN.
When not partaking in the MUN circuit, Shahid can be seen performing in plays or researching on various different current and historic topics.

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Mithun C


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