The United Nations Security Council

Agenda: Aid to Afghanistan and extent of non - state actors


The United Nations was formed after World War II after a meeting of the Allied Powers U.S.A, Russia,UK,France,China who are now the Permanent Nations of The Security Council. The UNSC has administrative and executive powers which are greater than any other International Organizsation of the world . 


Taliban, a militant group, has taken over Afghanistan two weeks before the complete withdrawal of the USA troops. The in power group of the 1990s is now back almost coinciding with the withdrawal and strategically so. In the world of huge power nations and Taliban attaining legitimacy from the powers of the world can the UNSC come to a consensus on an effective plan to overcome this situation and the impending doom of the nation and the other nations involved in any kind or are the nations still going to remain adamant on an unsaid Cold War?


Presenting to you, the United Nations Security Council.

The Executive Board


Sohom Niyogi

Crisis Director

“I am Thor, but wait I need that gavel in my hand" - Sohom Niyogi

Being a prominent member of the MUN circuit, this chair has always has been pursuing his love for debates, research and social justice for the past 5 years. Having attending a handful of MUNs and secured accolades and Best Delegate award at 12 conferences including CIMUN, Alags MUN, Unnati MUN and many more. He has not failed to adapt to the online MUNs as well securing accolades in International MUN and the previous edition of IMUN. He has also served as the Assistant Director at HMUN Dubai and other international events like Modern Youth MUN Dubai, Legatus MUN UAE and International MUN.


He didn't stop at just debate. When he is not grinding his way through debate, he can be seen enjoying running one of his 6 startups and enjoying a sip of Red bull while sprinting through Freakonomic concepts and research papers. 

He believes that enlightenment can change the world and practical dialogue is the way to achieve it.


Akash Das


An avid speaker with a sharp wit, this oratory prodigy shall leave you gobsmacked with his experience and critical eye. Renowned within the circuit for his formal but firm lobbying and blue sky ideas when it comes to directives, this old-hand shall beguile you with his overall calibre. He has secured numerous accolades in versatile committees at MUNs such as HMUN India, COMUN, TISBMUN, BMUN, CHSMUN, and NHMUN to name a few.


Apart from MUNs, Akash is a passionate footballer, contributor to blog posts, beatboxer and worships the words “Glory Glory Manchester United”.


Siddh Nagori

Assistant Director

“When you're backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down." - Harvey Specter 

No other person can possibly be more diverse in MUNs than Siddh Nagori. Having attended 20+ MUNs he is distinguished in all committees. He boasts of having placed in every MUN he has taken part in .

With an intimidating attitude from the get go, Siddh doesn't show mercy upon others. A fierce and decorated debater for the past 10 years he has mastered the art of "Convince or  Confuse". He has been a quiz wizard and a psychology expert and enthusiast but what makes him unique is his depth of knowledge in all major fields. An aspiring lawyer awaits to bring to you various challenges and a lot of international drama in the Security Council this year .