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For the ones that love spontaneity, this committee is for you. A crisis committee is a decision-making body that has more power than a traditional committee. Whilst General Assemblies recommend and build consensus, focusing on creating and refining frameworks for the national party to align their actions, crisis committees produce action. The delegates of this committee have more scope for imagination. Groups that look like this are basically any small group that possesses political power. The crisis is also more dynamic and fast-paced than traditional committees, so each delegate is incredibly influential and all delegates get equal representation. Each cabinet in the joint crisis is engaged in a perpetual war against each other, the outcome of which is left to the flow of the committee.


The 2nd of September, 1939. Passenger liner the SS Athenea departs the docks of Liverpool to journey across the North Atlantic to Canada. Second day of the voyage the ship is 200 miles from the nearest land when a German submarine sinks the British passenger ship, breaking a pact and understanding that civilian vessels should not be attacked. This marks the beginning of the Battle of the Atlantic. Britain is quick to react and imposes a naval blockade of Germany. This cuts off the country’s merchant supply lines and stops the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, from launching its warships.

The Battle of the Atlantic is one of the most crucial and protracted naval campaigns of World War II that started in 1939 . A fight primarily between the Allied powers, led by Great Britain, and the Axis powers, mainly Germany. The battle's primary objective is to secure control of the vital Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes, which are crucial for transporting troops, equipment, and supplies between North America and Europe. This battle was the deciding factor as to who would triumph at sea.


The Executive Board


Abhay Karanth

Fuherer und Reichskanzler,

Adolf Hitler

If you're going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill 

Being an ardent history buff, Abhay probably knows Bin Laden better than the CIA. Whether it’s unravelling the intricate threads of the past, piecing together the tapestry of human civilization, understanding pivotal moments in wars, or contemplating the endless possibilities historical events entail, Abhay's fervour for history knows no bounds. Being introduced to the ferocity of the blr circuit quite recently, Abhay is slowly working his way through the ranks gaining experience and accolades at prestigious conferences such as COMUN, GWHMUN, DOCMUN, CJCMUN, IRMUN and BJCMUN.
Apart from MUNs, he is an avid astrophotographer, singer and an aspiring lawyer.     
Presenting to you the Chairperson of the Axis Cabinet, HJCC, Abhay Karanth


Rishi Kolisetty

Ryan George


Emperor Hirohito

The most (un)diplomatic, (un)motivated individual in the current circuit. This EB member is notorious for pulling out weapons of all sorts in committee with a sinister smile on his face. Adept at international law coupled with his (not)subtle covert assassination directives to annihilate every head of state in existence. He is hated by his former chairpersons for not keeping quiet for 5 minutes, which has aided him in placing in every conference he has been to.
Although modest, he doesn't shy away from flexing his accolades at a plethora of conferences like SJBHSMUN, SMUN, AMUN, DWMUN, DPSEBECIMUN & FMUN to name a few.

In addition to his obsession with muns, he loves Chris Nolan Movies and wasting his time. He hates being ridiculed for being a science student and takes insults to his stream personally in committee. 

Presenting the moderator of the JCC Axis - Ryan George Koyithara

il Duce of Fascist Italy,

Benito Mussolini

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-28 at 09.02_edited.jpg

“I am not in danger, I am the danger”, his favourite quote.
Meet Rishi, a newcomer to the circuit. Despite being new, Rishi has demonstrated remarkable skills and proficiency, impressing everyone with his outstanding abilities in backroom. His directives are incredibly detailed and filled with scientific reasoning which for sure, shakes every committee he’s attended. This skill of his in backroom definitely shows us why he loves his quote.

Presenting to you, the vice chairperson of the JCC Axis, Rishi Kolisetty

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