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United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Agenda: Discussing the implementation of the Beijing Declaration with special reference to post conflict regions.


The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.A functional commission of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), it was established byUN Economic and Social Council resolution 11(II) of 21 June 1946.

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995 is a visionary agenda for the empowerment of women. It still remains today the most comprehensive global policy framework and blueprint for action.In 1996, ECOSOC in resolution 1996/6 expanded the Commission’s mandate and decided that it should take a leading role in monitoring and reviewing progress and problems in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

The 12 critical areas of concern that are as relevant today as 27 years ago are:

Poverty; education and training; health; violence; armed conflict; economy; power and decision-making; institutional mechanisms; human rights; media; environment; and the girl child.For each critical area of concern, strategic objectives are identified, but as conflict ravages nations, specific guidelines and relief and rescue procedures specific to women are not yet established which is necessary as gender-based violence spikes in post-conflict societies incrementally, due to the general break down of the rule of law, the availability of small arms, the breakdown of social and family structures.

Thus, the need for establishing a special rescue and relief mechanism that will work in tandem with other relief procedures under the UNHRC , to ensure the safety and security of women specifically in post conflict areas is highlighted and should be extensively deliberated upon during this session.

The Executive Board

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Judith Anngelina


"You don't have to be loud. You need to be the voice of reason."

Armed with a silver tongue and an approachable attitude, this EB Member is composed yet impactful at her conferences.
Judith holds numerous placements in renowned Model UN conferences including CIMUN, TISBMUN, and CJCMUN. She strongly believes that every act of difference made in the established order of things adds to the greater good. Additionally, she cultivates a special inclination towards economic and humanitarian agendas. She is currently pursuing a triple major in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics under Christ-Deemed to be University.


Outside of MUNs, Judith likes to stay updated with international conspiracies and appreciates art in all its forms. She is a theatre enthusiast, plays the violin, and cherishes a professional diploma in painting from Rabindra Bharati University. 

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Assistant Director

"This piece of paper is a metaphor for ...... " *Tears the paper*  We won't be doing that here step it up a notch.

An avid MUNner  having attended reputed conferences such as Harvard MUN, Aishwarya embodies the ideals of a MUN with her eloquent speeches and impeccable impact in committee.

She appreciates the intellectual dialogue that spurs on in any course of debate and encourages it greatly reflecting the many placements in debate competitions.

She also boasts a creative side with a few published poems, creative writing competitions and podcasts.

Under the guidance of her seniors at CJC she has learnt about what it takes to win and is eager to discover that same fire of passion in the participants of CJCMUN.

She hopes to have a fun and fruitful session


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