The World Health Organization

Agenda: Discussing the Immunization Agenda 2030


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Ever since the advent of covid-19, public health has been brought into the limelight now more than ever. Immunization remains the only way through which we can tackle the harsh effects of diseases.

Immunization by definition is the action of making a person immune to infection, typically by inoculation. The process of immunization spreads from scientific research on diseases to the invention of precautionary measures such as vaccines and finally it’s procurement and ensuring equitable distribution.

Our focus for this committee is in relevance with the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030), the agenda thrives on working towards SDG 3, that is, Good Health and Well being. The World Health Organisation recognised the final week of April this year as ‘Immunization Week 2021’ with the theme being ‘Vaccines bring us closer’. The global community has endorsed the Immunization Agenda to address the challenges with immunization and vaccines over the next decade and save over 50 million lives. Discussion on reduction of infection rates of fatal diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis and multiple pneumococcal diseases will be brought into light. The agenda hopes to address and provide solutions to not only existing threats but also the ones we could expect.

In this committee we focus on ensuring equitable access to vaccines, especially to children and adolescents.

The IA2030 is in need of a proper framework to ensure that no one is left behind in the process of immunization and it is now the challenge for the delegates to rise up to in assuring it happens.

Delegates, presenting to you the World Health Organisation committee of Christ Junior College Model UN, 2021.

The Executive Board

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Esha Mehta

Co - Director

Esha Mehta stands out in the committee with her excellent lobbying and impactful speeches with a pinch of sass that will leave the committee captivated and spellbound.

Having placed at her very first MUN, she has continued to rack awards at several  prestigious conferences like Harvard MUN India, KMUN and SMUN, to name a few.

While she isn't MUNning and festing she can be seen dancing to her favourite song or scrolling through travel blogs. She's currently pursuing law from NLU Jodhpur with some massive interest in international affairs and polity.


Satvika Arun

Co - Director

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” -Albert Einstein

The nicest person in the room, Satvika emerges victorious with her calm demeanor. She has no-doubt made a name for herself. She has not only won numerous accolades in KMUN, DiPSMUN, TISBMUN and the esteemed HMUN, to name a few, but has also served as a member of the Executive Board several times.


She has served as the Head Delegate of Christ Junior College for the year 2020-21. She enjoys a good economic agenda and is most known for her flair for speeches. Outside of MUN’s, you’ll find her teaching french, devouring a good book and immersing herself in music with her enchanting voice and her magnificent piano playing skills.


Praful M

Assistant Director

"Better a Witty Fool, than a Foolish Wit" - William Shakespeare 

Unlike his quote, Praful is neither foolish nor is he Shakespeare, rather his plays lie in the art of MUN. Having cracked through the shells of circuit and secured accolades in COMUN, CIMUN, HMUN to name a few. At times when he is not pretending to be failing at committees where he ends up winning.

You can find him cracking a deal in commerce fests. An avid football fan, he hopes Manchester United win a cup final. 

A long time veteran and a classic book player, Praful is the perfect AD and a committee slayer

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Shriya D

Assistant Director

Your go-to person for warm friendly banter, this EB member influences her conferences with her encompassing presence and convincing strategies whilst winning hearts, leaving no holds barred in a Model UN conference.


From winning the Best Delegate in India’s first online MUN to accolades in Beivy MUN, Ahlocon Int and UMUN, she leaves her mark in every conference she attends.


Shriya believes in the fact that “learning is never seasonal” following it herself and reiterates the essentiality in keeping up with the affairs of the world while doing so herself. All “munners” are weird in different ways is another strong opinion she holds while she goes around getting roasted and finding humour in roasting, efficiently using those skills in the festing circuit as well.