Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates,


International politics, diplomacy and negotiation usually centre around either shared values or strategic interests and partnerships. Increasingly, domestic and international policy are evaluated against the backdrop of the global conversation to ensure the dignity, justice an liberty of every individual. I invite each of you to build on these, explore the rationale behind stated positions, maintain a bird’s eye view of foreign policy and the context in which it is worked and focus not on fancy resolutions, but on concrete and practical solutions through nuanced deliberation on the agendas.


At its core, the vision for CJC MUN is two-fold: first, to privilege extensive research and detailed deliberation over formality and technical oration; and second, to extend to every delegate the fair opportunity to espouse their views on the agendas. Now in its 13th edition, CJC MUN has established itself as comprising an excellent Executive Board which overlooks the smooth functioning of the committees as well as a MUN which witnesses the participation of excellent delegates. At its heart, the MUN aims to go beyond a competitive platform and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow by instilling in each delegate a desire to question, deliberate, innovate and fearlessly voice their opinions.


As you join us this year, I implore you to remember that you are not changing the world by participating in mock deliberations and being awarded delegate/delegation awards. You are instead fostering a spirit of enquiry that should tomorrow be channelized in real world situations in the framing of policy. To view the MUN of today as serving an instrumental goal of creating a better world tomorrow is perhaps the only justification for the convergence of our energies. Participating at MUNs is but one step to making a difference.


At CJC MUN 2020, I invite you listen instead of hear, innovate instead of re-package, speak up instead of sit idle and challenge yourself and your fellow delegates to push the boundaries of what can be achieved over a period of three days. In that process, do not forget to cultivate a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood and make memories for a lifetime.


On behalf of the College, the Secretariat and the Executive Board, it is my privilege to welcome each of you to the Christ Junior College, Model United Nations 2020.

Karan Gupta

Secretary General


Letter from the Deputy Secretary General

Greetings Delegates,

I hope you are safe and well during these testing times. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the 13th edition of CJCMUN. The overarching characteristic of this conference for over a decade has been ‘dynamic’. This year, we take that a step further by hosting this edition in the virtual space, while maintaining the superior quality of organization, discourse and negotiation.


The theme for CJCMUN 2020 is ‘Global Threat Assessment and Remediation’, in keeping with the dire circumstances we are currently witnessing concerning the ongoing pandemic, the state of affairs of global human rights, the rise of numerous geopolitical tensions, and large-scale economic and environmental degradation. In this context, we bring to you five committees discussing pertinent agendas, a highly competent Executive Board and an exciting Midnight Crisis Committee.

Model UN has immense scope for creative and intellectual development. From research and documentation to diplomacy and deliberation, this activity presents an unparalleled learning opportunity. These organizations exist to discuss the ramifications of international and domestic law on respective stakeholders, especially the minorities of the world. Model UNs entreat the responsibility of reforming these policies, gauging the mechanism of global politics and furthering the ideals of mutual cooperation.

Aim to understand the shortcomings of the world, the role that your countries/portfolios and committees play in these shortcomings, and strive to address them in this simulation effectively. By gaining this holistic perspective, we can empower ourselves as the global youth to contribute in every way possible in the real world and mobilize change. Therefore,  encourage you to bring your best to CJCMUN, in terms of pragmatic impacts, a realistic mindset and a solution-oriented approach.


We hope to see and interact with you at CJCMUN 2020. Every year, we persevere to be bigger and better as a conference. This edition in particular, we wish to bring a qualitative value that sets us apart from the confluence of misrepresented narratives about Model UN. Your active participation and contribution is essential for us to achieve this goal. Please feel free to reach out to the Secretariat at any point of the conference with queries, concerns or grievances that you may have.

Best Regards,

Vikrant Dwivedi

Deputy Secretary General