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Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates, 


It is my distinct honour and pleasure to invite you to Christ Junior College Model United Nations Conference 2022! As one of the country's most prestigious conferences, CJCMUN has been able to attract and bring together delegates from around the nation to participate in the highest level of debate and negotiation, simulating and solving the biggest challenges facing our world today. 


Over the past few years, the world has been scathed by many unfortunate events. We have witnessed a deadly pandemic that resulted in a devastating loss of lives, natural calamities and climate change affecting vulnerable populations worldwide, and a full-fledged war by Russia against Ukraine. Indeed, many of us are incredibly privileged and often tend to ignore these issues. However, a truly global citizen always uses his privilege to invoke change in society. As a student, it is our responsibility to work towards change, a change that our planet deserves, a change that our fellow beings deserve and a change that our future generations deserve. Model United Nations Conference is an impetus for students to think like a diplomat and global citizens and work for change. 


It is with this thought that I welcome you to CJCMUN 2022. I am thrilled to be back and serve as the Secretary General of this reputed Conference. The Organising Committee is excited and hard at work preparing to create this incredible experience for all delegates, and we look forward to seeing you all there! 




Calvert Nazareth

Letter from the Deputy Secretary General

Greetings Delegates,


It is a matter of immense joy to be a part of this conference and invite you to partake in this milestone. I welcome you to the 15th edition of CJCMUN. 

This conference prides itself in being one of the most unique conferences on the collegiate circuit.The main goals of CJC MUN are to prioritise thorough study and careful thought and to provide each delegate an equal opportunity to express their opinions on the agendas and we hope to impart this dogma to all through our three days of conference.

The agendas decided are vast and complex and a successful discussion on it would necessitate the mutual participation of all of you. This year’s conference will feature six committees, each led by a team of passionate directors and assistant directors. Through our General Assemblies,Social Councils, Regional Bodies, and Specialised Agencies, delegates will have access to a broad range of committee forms and topics.

The world today is more sensitive than ever towards the existence of transnational activities across the globe and understanding the relationship between international political structures and the continual functioning of a globalised economy is requisite to properly understand the intricacies of what a model united nation conference offers you as delegates.

I urge you to speak up, innovate, and listen more than you hear at CJC MUN 2022.  Challengeyourself and the other delegates to test the limits of all that can be accomplished in three days.

 If you have any questions, problems, or complaints during the conference, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.


Best Regards,

Nikita Milind Aphale

Deputy Secretary General

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