Letter from the Secretary General

Greetings Delegates,

Year after year, CJCMUN strives to be bigger and better, serving as a trendsetter for best practices in Model UN conferences across the country. This dynamic conference assimilates a host of global issues and current affairs to thematically represent the status quo and identify focal points of change. From the situation in Afghanistan and the global vaccination protocols to broader issues such as cultural heritage and labor rights, this edition brings a collective of committees and agendas that are reflective of the world as it stands in 2021. This year’s theme of‘SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals’, further highlights the importance of these agendas, as we begin to recover from the ravages of a global pandemic.

I encourage all participants to be pragmatic in their outlook towards this conference. This entails understanding the values and principles behind each agenda in order to reform policy and gauge the mechanism of globalpolitics. As the Secretariat at CJCMUN 2021, our key role will be to facilitate the gaining of this perspective, while ensuring that the conference encourages a solution-oriented approach.

I am honored to be returning to CJCMUN 2021 as Secretary General. The faculty and team at Christ Junior College have worked hard to overcome the barriers of the COVID-19 Pandemic and organize a second virtual conference that is truly limitless in its potential. Please feel free to reach out to the Secretariat during the conference with any queries, concerns or grievances.

Best Regards,
Vikrant Dwivedi.

Letter from the Deputy Secretary General

Greetings Delegates,

I hope you are safe and are keeping well during these troubled times. We are congregating at a time when the world is aching and writhing in pain, as various unfortunate events have unfolded over the past year and half. We’ve witnessed the extensive loss of life due to a devastating pandemic, the snatching away of fundamental rights in the hands of an extremist militant regime, and oppression being perpetrated by authoritarian regimes in China and Myanmar. All these events must make us realise how privileged we are to be where we are, and also must fill our hearts and minds with gratitude. These events should also make us realise that we need to stand for what we believe in, and challenge authority when it needs to be. This is only possible when we develop a spirit of inquiry.

And that’s why we all are going to come together for this conference, not to have an instant, radical impact on the world, but to develop an inquisitive character which will allow us to shape the future, to challenge authority, to make better societies, to foster a culture of sympathy and empathy, and most importantly, to be responsible citizens ourselves. Model UN conferences allow us to become aware of various global issues we might not have come across otherwise, and sensitizes us to the realities and problems faced by many around the world.

Christ Junior College Model United Nations, in its 14th annual conference, wants to foster this outlook through its theme: Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals. Achievement of a safe and sustainable future is only possible through universal collaboration and active citizen partnership and participation.

My message for you, the delegates, is simple: debate your hearts out. Do not shy away from expressing yourselves, because your opinion matters. Every voice counts. And more than anything else, enjoy your experience during the conference. We, the CJC MUN team, wish that every delegate participating in this Model UN goes back with something valuable, be it pleasant memories or valuable knowledge or even a new perspective. Let this be a learning experience more than a competition.

Looking forward to seeing you in this conference,

Best Regards,

Anmol Betala.