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Letter from the Secretary General

The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven but to save humanity from hell

– Dag Hammarskjold (2nd Secretary General of The UN)


The world we live in today has been long drifted from a system of polity, where Monarchy used to be a rule and Republic an exception. Large parts of our globe today stands on the system where The Republic is a rule and Monarchy an exception.

The world has far evolved from those traumatic times of war wherein running parallel on the lines of possession of weapons of mass destruction were considered to be a sign of strength and symbol of hegemony. Today’s global community sees light of the day by venturing into the arena of Scientific temper, Commerce and trade. But yet the trepidation remains as the bleak shadows of a battle continue to exist and the war is far from over. Economic disparity, Misuse of Soft Power domination, Biological Warfare and exploitation of natural resources still continue to challenge the status quo of the world order.

And hence in light of the ongoing diaspora Christ Junior College Model United Nations Conference with a celebrated legacy of 15 years in the industry of shaping future global leaders, finds it expedient and necessary to deliberate upon a theme of thorough relevance and deem it fit to establish “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” which translates to “The world is one big family” a philosophy which has its finding in the ancient scriptures as an appropriate theme for the 16th Edition of the MUN Conference. 

Affirming ourselves of the value of democracy and how it has stood the test of time withstanding all sorts of brute force and power, the hallmark of CJC MUN Conference would remain to establish a message to the future generations that democracy is not just a form of government or an idea but it is the philosophy of way of life which nurtures the value of respecting and revering all the members of the global community by not just accommodating the differences but by embracing and celebrating them.

We envision to provide a platform for the aspiring global leaders to instill the principle of Fraternity, that for the fullest growth and development of a man there is a need to effect a confluence of the streams of culture, commerce and science in every citizen and hence we find this conference as an opportunity to promote the true significance of  “One Earth – One Family – One Future”.

Living in the era of rising globalization it is paramount to understand that in our generation there lies a supreme opportunity to every global citizen to move in the direction of building an ecosystem where the force of creative intelligence can synergize with force of character, thus said an edifice can be laid on the thought that Only Knowledge has the power to truncate ignorance, Wisdom has the power to truncate ego and the Spirit of “WE THE PEOPLE” has the power to truncate the burrows of arrogance dug within us”.

Best Regards,



CJC MUN 2023   

Letter from the Deputy Secretary General


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