International Labour Organization

Agenda: Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation on the Global Workforce

“Machine Intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make"

- Nick Bostrom,Oxford University

The advent of AI is transforming the character of just about everything that is connected to human life including employment, economy, communication, warfare, privacy, security, ethics as well as healthcare . As the development of AI is picking pace, more robots or autonomous systems are being born and replacing the human labour. This is the present situation; however, in long-term, results seem to get more interesting.

AI has proven to reduce manual errors to a great extent, making it more efficient and convenient but will this lead to a complete deletion of human labour in the future? Will policy makers recognize the trends in the markets and formulate effective laws to manage them?

Presenting to you ,The United Nations International Labour Organization

The Executive Board


Advaith Anand


Calm and witty are the words one would use while describing Advaith's MUNning style.An aspiring lawyer, his sense of approachability and excellent oratory skills have led him to win accolades at Bangalore's biggest MUNs. With placements from KMUN, TISBMUN, SMUN, CANMUN and IVMUN to name a few, this delegate will leave you shocked with his knowledge of international affairs and his calm demeanor. His penchant for MUNs and debates always ensures that he comes out as a winner.

When he isn’t at MUNs and debates you will find him laughing his heart out watching his favourite comedians, John Oliver and Trevor Noah. This aspiring lawyer would also kill for a good sense of humour.


Nikita Aphale


A familiar name in the Bangalore MUN circuit, Nikita Aphale has garnered multiple placements at prestigious MUN’s all the way from BMUN, TISBMUN and KMUN, to receiving the Best Delegate award at HMUN India. Her extensive knowledge on economics and finance makes her the ideal choice for this committee. Her repertoire of discerning solutions and masterful speeches make her the ideal diplomat, but what truly sets her apart is her documentation where the sheer level of detail is sure to leave you spellbound.

Outside of MUNs you’ll probably find her trading the markets or on an off-trail adventure. 

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Pranav Abhyankar

Assistant Director

"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip." 
Caskie Stinnett

This quote drives Pranav Abhyankar and also what makes him effuse diplomacy. In his few years in the Bangalore circuit he has managed to win accolades at SJBHSMUN,TISBMUN,CIMUN and many other esteemed conferences including HMUN India.


Dont let his calm and humble demeanour fool you, although Micheal Scott maybe his spirit animal he is as stubborn and dominating  as Sheldon Cooper. His ability to convince you to get his way is astounding. Pranav suggests his forte lies  analytical and technical committees .


Other than collecting antique coins and stamps in his free time he also loves  reading fantasy/fiction books, playing the guitar, binge watching the Simpsons and investing in the stock market.