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The Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, also known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, is one of the six Main Committees which ultimately form the bedrock of the United Nations. While its original purpose was to provide a heated forum in which matters of decolonization following World War II could be discussed, the introduction of the “Special Political” side of the committee brought with it a mandate to address a variety of other issues as well, including relief for refugees, general peacekeeping, and regulations on the use of outer space. Both in the daily operations of the body and for the purposes of our simulation, this committee will feature representation from all 193 Member States of the United Nations, as well as the two non-voting Observer States of Palestine and Holy See, providing an incredible range of opinions from states both with and without histories of international intervention.


Postcolonial scholars argue that colonialism has left a lasting legacy on non self-governing territories, and that this legacy continues to shape the lives of people in these territories today. The impact of colonialism on the development of national identities, the legacy of colonialism on the economy of non self-governing territories and the role of culture in the struggle for decolonization and the challenges of building democracy in post-colonial societies, has been ignored in the context of non self governing territories. From the ongoing struggle for independence in Western Sahara to the The displacement of indigenous peoples, this committee serves as a forum for a variety of voices to be heard.

The Executive Board


David Anup Raj


An epitome of diplomacy himself David Anup Raj , is known, ironically, for his innate affinity for anything controversial. Having explored a wide range of committees, he settled on being a GA delegate, one who enjoys a perfect balance between all things technical and humanitarian.


His eloquent speeches and adept lobbying skills along with his meticulous ability to document makes him the most influential delegate in the room. Having cracked through the shells of the circuit and securing accolades in various conferences, this science dork is a dynamic and resourceful person to have in a committee


Pranav Bhat


It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose" - Jean Luc Picard

Having first entered the MUN circuit during the height of the pandemic, Pranav made a return in the new circuit post pandemic having attended and placed in prestigious conferences such as AMUN,COMUN,DOCMUN,IRMUN AND BJCMUN.

Being the current Student Coordinator of the Christ Junior College delegation, he is notorious for his impeccable and detailed resolutions. he has also attended all conventional forms of MUN committees. Having the ability to improvise and adapt to newer forms of committees, this eb member ensures to keep committee on its toes at all times.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-27 at 15.45_edited.jpg

Yaashi N Shah


"Say what you mean but dont say it mean"

 - Andrew Watcher 

Using her authoritative voice and her headstrong opinions , Yaashi never fails to amaze her fellow delegates with her speeches.  She has taken part and asserted dominance in prestigious conferences such as KMUN, AMUN, CJCMUN as well as world-renowned Harvard-MUN. With foreign policy as her mantra and the background guide as her birth certificate , she is up for any challenge. When she isn't reading the background guide, she is probably just listening to music or reading a book.

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