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The Institution

Founded in 1969, Christ College has established itself as an institution whose every endeavor is marked by the hallmark of excellence. Christ Junior College as an independent entity took its first step in the academic year 2002-03 with the bifurcation of the pre-university courses.

Christ Junior College is dedicated to creating leaders and achievers in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. CJC pursues the highest standard achievable, an attribute that has made it distinct from its counterparts. The college is constantly updating its knowledge base and engaging in academic innovation as part of its pedagogical endeavours.

The College facilitates learning of Sciences, Commerce, Social Sciences and Languages and also abounds in space for conversations, research and discussions involving faculty and students. It offers a wide spectrum of choice of subjects. Each combination offered has four core subjects apart from language studies and English. At present, the college consists of over 2500 of the best and brightest students from Bangalore and several other parts of the country.

The teaching faculty is highly competent with the latest developments in the respective disciplines and caters to the different learning levels of the students. Life at Christ Junior College revolves around the overall development of its young students. The academic programmes are designed in compliance to the Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka pattern to provide the best education to students in search of a fine Pre University education.

Christ Junior College aspires towards creating a just human society where dignity of the individual is respected, where unjust structures are challenged and national integration is upheld

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