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Important dates

The conference will be held on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, 2022.

Last date to submit the position paper 1st November.

Priority Registrations begin on the 25th of September.

Priority registrations close on the 10th of October.

Last date for registrations : 25th of October.


CJCMUN is open to registrations from students from Grade 8 to Grade 12, from all boards and curricula. International delegates and delegations are most welcome to register!

Dress code

Western business formal attire for boys and girls.

For the Constituent Assembly - Indian or Western business formals

Delegates are requested to adhere to the dress code throughout the conference.

Country  Allotment 

Institutions may select the country they wish to represent from the country matrix available online on the website. Institutions can indicate their country preferences in the preliminary application form available on our website.


These preferences will be subject to approval, based on past MUN experiences of the institution. If the application is successful, the allotted countries will be intimated to the institution.


Allotment of countries will only be finalised after the receipt of the registration fee.

Delegate Code of Conduct
  • Delegates are required to carry their school ID cards or any personal ID card (Aadhar card) with them.

  • Delegates must wear their ID cards at all times.

  • Respectful spoken and written language is a must at all times (no flaming, derogatory language  and personal attacks on individual or country positions).

  • Delegates are expected to maintain courteous behavior towards CJCMUN directors, moderators, faculty advisers and others assisting in the conference.

  • Formal clothing is required during all sessions. All delegates, members of the Executive Board , and admin staff must follow the conference’s dress code.

  • Any instances of plagiarism in a delegate's speech, position paper, documentation or chits is strictly prohibited and will be monitored carefully by the executive board members.

  • Delegates must handle any college property that they use with care. Damage of any such property belonging to the institution could result in possible reimbursement.

  • The conference follows a strict policy against any illegal substances. Strict action will be taken against any delegates who found in possession of such illegal substances.

  • Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Discipline and decorum must be maintained at all times while on campus.

  • It is the responsibility of all participants to know and abide by the laws of the state which govern their internet use and general conduct.

  • Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct will result in a warning and possible suspension from CJCMUN 2022.

DISCLAIMER: Bullying, plagiarism or any act of misconduct in language or mannerisms that intentionally or unintentionally hurt religious or cultural sentiments, reported during the conference will be taken strict action against and could lead to disqualification of participants who choose to engage in such behaviour.

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