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United Nations Human Rights Council 

Agenda: Discussing extrajudicial killings with an emphasis on ethnic cleansing of Minorities.


We reside in a world where politics and propaganda has been known to cost certain sections of society their deserved rights and liberties. The UNHRC, the United Nations Human Rights Council, a replacement of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, works towards the containment and eventual eradication of these violations of basic human rights. An organisation established for the purpose of investigation into the violation of human rights, the United Nations Human Rights Council has an aim exceeding common perception, and that is to protect and preserve rights assured to both civilians and military personnel by the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and various international conventions and treaties. 

Extra-judicial killings, an ambiguous term, refers to the deliberate killings of individuals outside of the legal framework. With an appalling history and increasing numbers in the killing of specific fractions of society on the basis of their ethnicity and culture, constituting gross human rights violations, it is an important topic to be addressed and deliberated upon, over the course of the three day convening of the UNHRC. 

Although only a recommendatory body, the UNHRC, particularly the representatives of the governments in the UNHRC, have the ability to contribute to the development of a mechanism to control the encroachment of individuals' rights in these situations. Should countries arrive at an unbiased consensus, forgoing their individual rivalries and personal agendas, to prevent breaches of personal liberty at the expense of alleged extremist beliefs of certain nations.  

The Executive Board


Risha Anand


Risha Anand is a final year student about to complete her triple honours in Journalism, International Relations and Public Policy at St Joseph’s University, Bangalore. She has been around in the MUN circuit since 2018 and started with Christ Junior College and has since attended over 30+ conferences, in India and abroad as a delegate and a chairperson. She specialises in humanitarian committees and has placed at conferences like HMUN India, Manchester University MUN, etc. Apart from college, she is a content specialist at a Dubai based web 3 firm.


Anusree Lahari

Assistant Director

"I don't care what picture you use , i just need there to be blood" - Anusree Lahari 


An epitome of diplomacy herself Anusree Lahari, is known, ironically, for her innate affinity for anything controversial. Having explored a wide range of committees, she settled on being a GA delegate, one who enjoys a perfect balance between all things technical and humanitarian. 

A passionate ballerina , skilled pianist, an ardent lover of philosophy and a humorous bibliophile ,her orating skills can convince you that the earth is in-fact flat. An annoying yet impactful delegate is what she is, don't let her height and smile lead you to believe otherwise. 


Although a newcomer to the circuit, she has a perfect placement record from conferences such as KMUN, AMUN, GWHMUN, along with an Outstanding delegate award at the reputed Harvard Model United Nations conference.


Thoshithashree A N Chowdary

Assistant Director

An adamant debater, and a savant for documentation, this delegate has proved time and again that she is the embodiment of what MUNs stand for. Having begun her MUN career not long ago, she has participated in a range of committees like no one else. From arguing about non-state actors as the representative of Pakistan, to deliberating upon the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code as Sonia Gandhi, this delegate has been known for her impromptu speeches and articulate solutions. Her ability to gauge the situation of committee and regulate her fickle dominance over the delegates involved has served her well in every committee she's been to. To this delegate, the topics discussed during MUNs aren't just momentary subjects of interest, they are issues she chooses to discuss and deliberate upon, a quite annoying attribute we wont lie, even when not compelled to do so. 

Having won prestigious awards, ranking number 1 in parliamentary debates and research paper presentations, she is the ideal host for debate about 
anything intellectually stimulating, or even about which brand is better, Bisleri or Kinley. 

Apart from this her hobbies include sketching, painting, travelling, exercising and boasting about her hair. 

A commerce student, whose personality can adequately be summarised as 40% MUN and 60% hair, Thoshitha is a dynamic and resourceful person to have in a committee, especially as an assistant director .

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