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The African Union, successor to the Organization of African Unity is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 55 member states of the African continent, with its headquarters situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was established in 2002 with the objective of increasing cooperation and integration of African states, thereby spurring Africa’s growth and economic development.


The Horn of Africa region is the easternmost extension of the African continent composed of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. Believed to be the place where the first human ever emerged, today hunger is a constant threat to human life here. The Greater Horn of Africa is experiencing one of the worst hunger crises of the last 70 years after four consecutive failed rainy seasons.


Nearly 22 million people across the region are trapped in a hunger emergency ‘looking death in the eye’, as the region lurches from crisis to crisis. Families cannot cope with higher food prices, their livestocks are dying off and their incomes are drying up. Delegates, as the African Union it is now your responsibility to act fast and free Africa from the grip of catastrophe.

The Executive Board


Shriya D


“Hunger is not an issue of charity, it’s an issue of justice”
~Jacques Diouf 
Someone with a charismatic and witty personality but gets all serious and emotional when “hunger” is up for discussion. Unmoderated Caucus is where she really kills it, you’ll know more when you interact with her at CJCMUN. From 4 years she’s been an active part of the Model UN circuit of Bangalore and Delhi- HMUN, UMUN, CoMUN, CJCMUN


Maahi Singhal


“If you are lucky enough to be different, never change ” - Taylor Swift

Being a newbie to the circuit, Maahi hasn’t failed to leave a mark. Apart from being a science nerd, her love for public speaking and  MUNs is unparalleled. She might seem the “nice and shy girl” if you meet her in a MUN but don’t let that fool you because she knows when to step it up. Having attended prestigious conferences like CJCMUN, COMUN, BJCMUN she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. As the vice chair she hopes all the delegates work outside their comfort zone, and bring something to this conference which makes them stand out.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-31 at 5.03_edited.jpg

Laya Charan


“Draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man “
- Taylor Swift 

An avid speaker known for her oratory skills and lobbying , Laya always stands for what she believes is right which is equality , inclusivity and kindness . But when it comes to MUNning, she is very versatile and distinctive like bringing a real Quran to the conference and reading a quote from it! She is confident , assertive and very approachable. While being newer to the circuit, she has placements in conferences like SJPUC and BJCMUN. 

Apart from MUNning , Laya is a passionate singer and aspires to become a lawyer/politician . Evident from the quote she used in the beginning , she loves to dress up and do her makeup all while smashing the patriarchy. Her one true love is her sausage dog Amigo and Taylor Swift but she has a soft spot for some classic 90s rock . If you don’t know how to start a conversation with her just mention any of the above topics or bring up a Christopher Nolan movie and she will not stop talking .

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