Agenda: Developing an international framework for the protection of cultural heritage


"When disaster strikes, it tears the curtain away from the festering problems that we have beneath them" -Barack Obama

Cultural heritage could mean a community’s sense of identity to something of great economic value. ‘Cultural heritage’, could extend to involve both tangible and intangible forms of cultural resources, from digital artifacts to the inherited practices of a group or society. An assessment to measure threats to UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites found that 63 percent of sites have been damaged by human activity in the past two decades. With wilful attacks on cultural heritage remaining a keynote of modern conflict, sometimes termed as “cultural genocide” affects the daily lives of many. Constant series of incidents such as the recent destruction of two cultural sites on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization list elevated international attention towards cultural heritage crimes, highlighting the importance of investigating and prosecuting crimes against or affecting cultural heritage.

Such crimes are overlooked especially in cases where it lacks a so-called direct impact on human life. Sites associated with recent conflicts and other negative and divisive memories might not directly relate to the purpose and scope of existing Conventions. This calls upon the need of a legal framework to account for such acts in the national and international arena under a separate mandate other than weighing them against human life invoking a social, cultural and a humanitarian aspect. An expansive outlook is needed to address the numerous ways in which attacks against or affecting cultural heritage can add up to diverse crimes as observed by the International Criminal Court, thus enhancing the protection to such aspects of human heritage and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 to its fullest, as envisioned by the 2030 agenda.

Delegates, presenting to you the Social Cultural and Humanitarian committee of CJCMUN 2021!

The Executive Board


Vriti Singhvee

Co - Director

A veteran to the debating and festing circuit of Bangalore, and a relatively new MUNer, Vriti has quickly risen among the ranks. She has placed in every MUN she’s  attended, including DIPSMUN, TISBMUN, and SMUN, and has also served as an EB member multiple times.


Vriti claims to be interested in pursuing the law because of her love for it, but secretly just wants to make a living in formals. 


Riddhi Juyal

 Co - Director

A natural debater with a penchant for the many genres of music, she is acclaimed for her placements within HMUN, KMUN and SMUN among many other equally acclaimed conferences. She is an avid social activist having partnered with various NGOs for a multitude of meaningful causes. She is also a national medalist in swimming and aquathlon with a flair for the dramatic. 

In her free time you can catch her spending time with her pets, dyeing her hair or proving to someone that she's psychic (which she is).

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Judith Anngelina

Assistant Director

“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.” Matthew 25:21

Giving your fullest at every little thing is something she holds to her heart. Armed with a silver tongue and an approachable attitude, this EB Member is composed yet persuasive at her conferences. Despite being relatively new to the munning circuit, Judith has placed at her very first conference and has been consistently working up the ladder ever since attesting to her notable placements at CIMUN, DIPSMUN, VITMUN and CJCMUN among others.


Connecting the dots is more important than one thinks, is what she believes to be the key to combating issues at hand. Additionally, she is inclined towards humanitarian agendas and also cultivates a special fondness for Indian committees.


Apart from her already impressive proficiency, Judith has a niche for being clumsy and is used to laughing her way out. She has come out being an avid fester, loves literature in all its forms, and also cherishes a 4th-year Diploma under painting from Rabindra Bharati University.

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Saatvika Sastry

Assistant Director

Veg biriyani exists.

This could be a never ending debate if begun with her. Debates being her forte, and a continued yet successful journey into The Model UN.


For the extrovert, EXTREMELY social and happy soul that she is, making her presence known in committee and lobbying takes a dominant and significant role. Having begun back in school with placements and participation in several MUNs, she pushes through and far beyond her limitations, one of them being the puns/jokes she makes, she kills it (literally).


If we’re listing hobbies, drama queen is what she goes by, starring in a short film named “Punch Shakthi”, that’s not the only punch that she restricts herself to, throwing punch lines is ‘her’ way. She also bagged the title ‘Miss Phenomenon’ in 2018. Playing hockey and football is the only time she gets to call herself a ‘baller’.