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The Ramana Commission is an executive body that is established by the government for a fixed tenure. It acts as an advisory body to the Law Ministry. The Ramana Commission is neither a statutory nor a constitutional body. It is primarily composed of legal experts. In this simulation, representatives of the offices of cabinet ministers are also present to learn and add value to the commission reports. The functions of a law commission body include drafting revised versions of confusing laws, preparing consolidated versions of laws, making recommendations on updating outdated laws, and making recommendations on repealing obsolete or spent laws.

The reservation system in India has been an integral aspect of its social fabric, aimed at promoting social justice and empowering historically marginalized communities. However, with the evolving dynamics of society and the pursuit of true inclusivity, there arises a pressing need to review the reservation system. Contemporary examples highlight the relevance of this review. As India strives to become a global economic powerhouse, the burgeoning demand for skilled labor across various sectors necessitates a comprehensive evaluation of reservation policies to strike a balance between ensuring opportunities for underprivileged sections and fostering meritocracy. Furthermore, the emergence of new and nuanced forms of social disparity, such as economic backwardness, calls for a fresh perspective on the reservation system to address the changing landscape of privilege and disadvantage. By undertaking this review, the Ramana commission seeks to tailor the reservation system to the contemporary needs of the nation, embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunities for all, while retaining the essence of its founding principles.

The Executive Board


Nidhi Srivatsa


‘Voice of people is voice of god’, they say. However, she believes that ‘Law in itself is the voice of people and the ultimate sanction there ever exists’.
Nidhi Srivatsa, a Lawyer that specialises in Intellectual Property Rights ensuring every being gets their rightful due. is an assistant professor of Law currently at Faculty of Law, PES University teaching things people perceive as interesting - Crimes and Crimes.
Additionally she is an advocate for health. Oh no! Not health law, but a Yoga Instructor ensuing the people don’t burst out with the body cramps they have at their office. Winning state level model parliament has brought in the fire and that burning passion in her to argue legally, but to listen first.
She looks forward to this passionate law commission with heated debates and deliberate discussions throughout the event! To all the members of Law commission - here’s a suggestion ‘Talk free, fly high but, credit right.’



Shrikar B N

"Gathaanu Gathika lokaha na lokaha"
[People blindly follow an action without thinking]

This man is the only one gutsy enough to have ice-cream and oreo milkshake (with choco ice-cream) on a cold, windy, rainy day. Having recently entered the Bengaluru MUN circuit, Shrikar has quickly gained experience & become an avid MUNer. With his keen interest in the Indian legal system, he has established himself in the AIPPM community. Having MUNed for over a year, he has grown. Praise for his knowledge of the law and the current political landscape, along with having a strong affinity to controversies, his motivation to come up with solutions is never ending. Having won accolades in various conferences including BJCMUN, AMUN, CUBSMUN, and JGUMUN. An aspiring lawyer and & one who is very clever with his words, he is the complete package of a MUNer. You will find him in a library or a temple, reading Sanskrit poems in both places.

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Luth Sanal


"History was kind to me for I intend to write it"

New to the MUN circuit, Luth is a passionate geopolitical observer with a heart for West Asia. He actively engages in Indian politics and is an Election Day enthusiast. Beyond politics, Luth excels as a debater and Emcee, skilled in thought-provoking discussions. He finds solace in occasional writing and is a passionate Chelsea football club supporter. Yet, his unwavering dedication lies in the magical world of Harry Potter. A multifaceted individual, Luth's journey promises inspiration with his diverse interests and unwavering enthusiasm.

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