The Continuous Crisis Committee

Agenda: Chinese Civil War 1946

"The unyielding army will not win." Tao Te Ching, Chapter 76.

The tides of power have swept over the land of China. Arguably the oldest, continuous civilization that exists on this globe is facing a crisis of identity. More than 4,000 years of monarchical rule has been uprooted by the voice of the people of China who have been under their nobles ever since the impetus of civilization. The Xianhe Revolution of 1912 proved that just because people didn't talk doesn't mean they didn't have a voice to express. Finally there seems to be hope that the people's rule will bring true prosperity after years of mismanagement under the Royal Dynasties.

Like every coin has two sides, there are 2 views on how to lead China into the new age. 

These views are represented by the Guomindang- which seeks to establish a government of federalism and social security; all while promoting traditional Chinese values of Confucianism against Western influence and the Communist Party of China- which seeks to set up a Communist order across the land to bring in progress to the people.

Their temporary alliance with each other, due to the looming Japanese threat during World War 2 has served its purpose as the forces of Japan have surrendered. Dark clouds loom over the future of China, as blood will rain down on the pristine soil, containing the essence of peace-givers like Lao Tzu and Confucius. There is only one way to prevent this war from erupting: to come to peace with one another while tackling the various challenges China faces in collaboration.

Will the leaders of the people take up the mantle to save their lands by bowing down to their opponent's ideology or take up arms and ravage this hallowed land for their lustful intentions?

The Executive Board


Sohom Niyogi

Crisis Director

“I am Thor, but wait I need that gavel in my hand" - Sohom Niyogi

Being a prominent member of the MUN circuit, this chair has always has been pursuing his love for debates, research and social justice for the past 5 years. Having attending a handful of MUNs and secured accolades and Best Delegate award at 12 conferences including CIMUN, Alags MUN, Unnati MUN and many more. He has not failed to adapt to the online MUNs as well securing accolades in International MUN and the previous edition of IMUN. He has also served as the Assistant Director at HMUN Dubai and other international events like Modern Youth MUN Dubai, Legatus MUN UAE and International MUN.


He didn't stop at just debate. When he is not grinding his way through debate, he can be seen enjoying running one of his 6 startups and enjoying a sip of Red bull while sprinting through Freakonomic concepts and research papers. 

He believes that enlightenment can change the world and practical dialogue is the way to achieve it.


Lokanshu Malur


“I stay high cause the world is so low” - Kid Cudi

This executive board member’s personality is an accurate representation of this quote.
Lokanshu Malur has never failed to leave an ascendancy in every committee that he has attended till date. He is a man of his words and he has lived up to the hype he gets. He is well known in the Bangalore Circuit for his groundbreaking directives ideas that help him drive the entire crisis arc to his side.


Right from shaking the JCC at Kmun by using the Arthashastra in 1800 BC and taking over the entirety of China to giving birth to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and KGB in 2029, he has taken the Bangalore Circuit crisis game by a storm. He has attended over 15+ MUNs and he has a plethora of awards to his name including the Best Delegate awards at KMUN 2019, SMUN 2019, CANMUN 2019, ICMUN 2020 and the list keeps going on.


He has proved his worth in Non Crisis committees as with high placements at BMUN 2019 and SMUN 2019. He is someone who excels in problem solving with his intrigue knowledge in science, technology and economics. Besides Model UNs, he is a state level footballer, a huge fan of the British Giants Manchester United and an avid speaker of the German language.

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Sneh Lahurikar

Assistant Director

"Words may inspire but only action creates change"

- Simon Sinek

Having been a part of the MUN circuit since 7th grade, he brings a trove of experience to any conference. Specializing in crisis committees, his out-of-box crisis arcs, directive execution and captivating speeches are sure to grab the attention of the committee. With the experience of more than a dozen MUN's, and placements in notable ones like DipsMUN 2021, VIT Pune MUN 2021 and HMUN India 2021, he is sure to manipulate the flow of committee if he gets serious.

He is also a particular lover of shounen anime, working out and creative writing (in no particular order) which form his diverse repertoire of interests besides MUN's.