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The Continuous Crisis Committee

Agenda: Threats to global Peace with special reference to Chinese presence in South East Asia and Taiwan.


For the ones that love spontaneity, this committee is for you. A crisis committee is a decision making body that has more power than a traditional committee. Whilst General Assemblies recommend and build consensus, focusing on creating and refining frameworks for the nations party to align their actions, crisis committees produce action. The delegates  of this committee have more scope for imagination. Groups that look like this are basically any small group which possesses political power. Crisis is also more dynamic and fast-paced than traditional committees, so each delegate is incredibly influential and all delegates get equal representation. In your preparation, it is helpful to understand the committee’s basic history and functioning as found in the background guide.

With the rise of the Chinese dragon in the Far east, the world is now in the midst of a crisis. China's new debt trap policy has caused a lot of countries a state of economic peril. China's growing military and economy are also posing a threat to the world powers, who are now looking for other resources for help.
Meanwhile, a lot of other Asian socialist countries are in support of China as they have similar visions. Will we see a new solitary world power in China? Or Will we see the fall of the dragon? 

The Executive Board

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Sneh Lahurikar


"Words may inspire but only action creates change"

- Simon Sinek

Having been a part of the MUN circuit since 7th grade, he brings a trove of experience to any conference. Specializing in crisis committees, his out-of-box crisis arcs, directive execution and captivating speeches are sure to grab the attention of the committee. With the experience of more than a dozen MUN's, and placements in notable ones like DipsMUN 2021, VIT Pune MUN 2021 and HMUN India 2021, he is sure to manipulate the flow of committee if he gets serious.

He is also a particular lover of shounen anime, working out and creative writing (in no particular order) which form his diverse repertoire of interests besides MUN's.


Kashvi Rathod

Assistant Director

"I truly believe that god has given us few braincells, and you have to direct them to the right things that make you happy."- Ranbir Kapoor

Having only recently begun her MUNning career, she has shown her ability to confuse her opponents and bring in unpredictable crises. 

From placing at her first ever MUN to becoming a vice chair, Kashvi has remained erudite and determined throughout. She excels at tailoring unpredictable directives with ghastly goals but getting them passed with her impeccable eye for detail. From stealing a nuclear warhead from India to assassinating the President of China, she welcomes unconventional ideas as long as they are detailed. 

Apart from studying for JEE, Kashvi is also a passionate singer and a science buff.

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