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For the ones that love spontaneity, this committee is for you. A crisis committee is a decision-making body that has more power than a traditional committee. Whilst General Assemblies recommend and build consensus, focusing on creating and refining frameworks for the national party to align their actions, crisis committees produce action. The delegates of this committee have more scope for imagination. Groups that look like this are basically any small group that possesses political power. The crisis is also more dynamic and fast-paced than traditional committees, so each delegate is incredibly influential and all delegates get equal representation. Each cabinet in the joint crisis is engaged in a perpetual war against each other, the outcome of which is left to the flow of the committee.


The 2nd of September, 1939. Passenger liner the SS Athenea departs the docks of Liverpool to journey across the North Atlantic to Canada. Second day of the voyage the ship is 200 miles from the nearest land when a German submarine sinks the British passenger ship, breaking a pact and understanding that civilian vessels should not be attacked. This marks the beginning of the Battle of the Atlantic. Britain is quick to react and imposes a naval blockade of Germany. This cuts off the country’s merchant supply lines and stops the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, from launching its warships.

The Battle of the Atlantic is one of the most crucial and protracted naval campaigns of World War II that started in 1939 . A fight primarily between the Allied powers, led by Great Britain, and the Axis powers, mainly Germany. The battle's primary objective is to secure control of the vital Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes, which are crucial for transporting troops, equipment, and supplies between North America and Europe. This battle was the deciding factor as to who would triumph at sea.


The Executive Board


Shrishti Adhyam

President of the United States,

Franklin D Roosevelt 

You need to take your enemy's side if you're going to see things the way they do" -Tyrion Lannister

Being a newbie to the MUN circuit, Shrishti has adapted and asserted dominance in her committees. From fast-paced crisis committees to more debate-oriented GA committees, she adapts to it all. She has a balanced personality wherein she listens to both sides and gives a fair judgment. She has a soft corner too but do not take her lightly during a MUN as she knows when to step it up. With only having started this exhilarating journey she is an enthusiastic munner, having been to only 5 MUNs, Shrishti has a perfect placement record including a best delegate award at Harvard MUN. Apart from munning, Shrishti is an avid reader and has a soft spot for romance-tragedy novels. She can defend her stance well as she is a loyal Liverpool supporter. She is also a talented musician, playing the violin and piano. From loving psychological thrillers to anime, rock to rap, she never fails to explore her options. Shrishti defends and protects her dog Rudolph with as much fervour as she defends the portfolio she represents in a MUN. Shrishti also is an aspiring lawyer and one day hopes to make it big.

Presenting to you, the chairperson of the HJCC Allies, Shrishti Adhyam

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Kashvi Golechha

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,

Neville Chamberlain

“Don’t underestimate the power of a common man, Meenamma” 

~ Rahul

Being an assertive and enthusiastic delegate, Kashvi has always marked her presence in crisis committees with class. Her directives range from spying on cabinets to establishing a fourth Reich, leaving committee stunned. She has attended various MUNs such as SMUN, AMUN, MAISMUN and HMUN. Ever ready for unconventional but detailed crisis notes and fast paced committees like this one her approachable and welcoming self can wait to see y’all in committee!

Presenting to you, the vice chair of the HJCC Allies, Kashvi Golechha

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Darsheel Jain

Prime Minister Of Canada,

William Lyon Mackenzie

This EB member has been MUNing for a while now and has placed in conferences such as AMUN, DPSBECIMUN, SJBHSMUN, SMUN, and many many more. 
with directives forcing the Taliban to nuke the UNODC committee  and assassinating Biden and Xing Ping with the same arrow, Darsheel never fails at being creative. His lobbying and legalities can convince even Kim Jong Un to finally recognize the ROK as a Sovereign!
The executive board member has placed in a committee without giving one speech so delegates, get your points straight & bring your A game!

Presenting to you, the moderator of the HJCC Allies, Darsheel Jain

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